Although very much at the forefront of thinking nowadays, at NDS we have been doing it for many years.

Recycling takes many forms. Our customers generate all types of materials which, providing the correct procedure is followed and recycling route identified, can be re-used, reprocessed or have a positive environmental benefit.

Agricultural recycling is where we can either utilise waste materials from diverse industries such as brewing, wool scouring, sweet manufacturing, plant processing and water treatment, to provide an agricultural benefit to farm land. This uses a valuable resource, reduces the need for processed fertilisers and can be financially beneficial to both the waste producer and the farmer. NDS can advise, analyse samples, organise the necessary land surveys (and growth trials if required) and transport and apply the materials.

Many more materials can be considered for anaerobic digestion, again using a waste product to produce a valuable, cost effective and environmentally beneficial resource for renewable energy.

We can organise the recycling of drums, IBC’s, kegs, and glass in various forms. Waste wood packaging is re-processed to become chipboard, cardboard packaging and paper is re-processed back into the printing and packaging industries, even office paper (which we can have confidentially shredded for security) can be re-used.

Electrical components can be recycled complying with the WEEE requirements. Their components generate re-usable plastics, glass and valuable precious metals.


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