An established, innovative and professional waste management company offering individual tailored services across the U.K. With Operating Centres in West Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester we are uniquely based to respond to our customers requirements on a nationwide basis. Our vehicles tend to be out based during the week further increasing our efficiency and reliability.

Accredited to ISO9001 & ISO14001, we provide an efficient, safe and legal disposal/recycling/ transport service to organisations and industries of all sizes.

We operate a large ADR fleet of articulated vacuum tankers which can be deployed nationwide to suit our customer’s needs. We offer a complete range of services to provide our customers with solutions to all of their waste requirements. Please click on the services tab for further details of what we do, alternatively call or email us for further information.

Established in 1987, Northern Disposal Services has grown organically under the guidance of its owners. The policy of employing trained, professional staff, investing in efficient, modern equipment and embracing emerging new technologies for the handling and treatment of wastes has seen the Company develop into a premier operator in its industry.

Our high customer retention rate is testimony to our years of providing a professional, reliable and cost effective service. With in excess of 70 years waste industry experience, the Northern Disposal management team can provide the solutions to your waste problems.

We operate a modern fleet of vehicles, built to our own specification. All are equipped with quiet, engine driven high capacity vacuum pumps. We have a choice of stainless steel and aluminium ADR tankers enabling us to carry a wide range of liquids and sludges, from sewage to acids and flammable liquids. Digital on-board weighing ensures maximum payloads (up to 29 tonnes) even on sites where no weighbridge is available. Two-way communications and real-time satellite tracking means we can monitor all vehicle movements thus ensuring the security of your load.

Our investment in such state of the art equipment would be useless without properly trained driver operatives. Consequently we only employ selected individuals that understand our industry, the vehicle and equipment, and ensure they are trained to ADR standards to safely handle any waste or product they are required to transport.

In addition to our tanker fleet we operate Rollonoff vehicles. Plated up to 41 tonnes GVW, these vehicles allow us extra flexibility to accommodate customers with solid and sludge wastes for either agricultural recycling or disposal. 

Driven by experienced operatives, these vehicles are equipped with high specification on board weighers, real-time satellite tracking and communication systems.

From bulk tankers to office envelopes, and everything in between. We take care of as much or as little as you require, as we realise that every customer’s requirements are unique, and we tailor our services to suit.

Bulk tankers, jetting crews, packaged wastes, recycling, supply of specialised containers, provision of licences and permits, etc. Everything you may need to assist your business to operate efficiently and profitably. By allowing us to take care of all your waste requirements, including ensuring legal and environmental compliance, your Company can concentrate on its core activities.

Although very much at the forefront of thinking nowadays, at NDS we have been doing it for many years.

Recycling takes many forms. Our customers generate all types of materials which, providing the correct procedure is followed and recycling route identified, can be re-used, reprocessed or have a positive environmental benefit.

Agricultural recycling is where we can either utilise waste materials from diverse industries such as brewing, wool scouring, sweet manufacturing, plant processing and water treatment, to provide an agricultural benefit to farm land. This uses a valuable resource, reduces the need for processed fertilisers and can be financially beneficial to both the waste producer and the farmer. NDS can advise, analyse samples, organise the necessary land surveys (and growth trials if required) and transport and apply the materials.

Many more materials can be considered for anaerobic digestion, again using a waste product to produce a valuable, cost effective and environmentally beneficial resource for renewable energy.

We can organise the recycling of drums, IBC’s, kegs, and glass in various forms. Waste wood packaging is re-processed to become chipboard, cardboard packaging and paper is re-processed back into the printing and packaging industries, even office paper (which we can have confidentially shredded for security) can be re-used.

Electrical components can be recycled complying with the WEEE requirements. Their components generate re-usable plastics, glass and valuable precious metals.

Packaged waste comes in all shapes and sizes – IBC’s, drums, kegs, pallets, laboratory samples etc etc.

We have many years’ experience in this field, whether it is an articulated vehicle full of drums or a box of laboratory samples.

We can classify, catalogue, repackage (where necessary), label, consign and transport your packaged waste, whatever the material, whatever the quantity. We will ensure all containers used meet the appropriate legislation and are safe for transportation, and source the most economically viable disposal option using our extensive market knowledge and industry expertise.

The ever changing market also means there may be re-use or recycling options for materials traditionally only disposed of. We can advise on new technologies which are becoming available.

At NDS we love to talk to our existing and potential customers. We are able to offer a wide range of advice from informal telephone consultations to full site audits. We can implement full waste management controls at our customers sites utilising best practice and the waste hierarchy legislation to ensure full compliance with all waste regulations.


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